END ZONE - Please note this is a Work in Progress. There is quite a bit of work left to be done. My goal is for this to have the overall "look and feel" of the original Il Cenacolo or L'Ultima Cena. I do not intend for it to be a direct copy. - Red Ronin

Outside Scenery
Rear Wall & Sides
Rear Wall & Windows
Windows - Closeup
Head Positions - Full View
Head Positions - Left
Head Positions - Center
Head Positions - Right

CHRIST'S PORTRAIT - Please note this is a Work in Progress. That means it isn't finished yet. I'm only showing a preview because so many have asked to see the process I use. - Red Ronin

Christ 1
Christ 2
Christ 3
Christ 4
Christ 5
Christ 6

UNIFORMS & LOGO - This part is pretty much done. I don't anticipate making many more changes than what is shown here. I'm rather satisfied with the result. I may take better pictures at some point though. - Red Ronin


LOGO - Summary
HOME & AWAY - Summary
HOME - Front
HOME - Rear
AWAY - Front
AWAY - Rear
LOGO - Menu
HOME - Closeup
AWAY - Closeup
HOME - Helmet 1
HOME - Helmet 2
AWAY - Helmet 1
AWAY - Helmet 2